My name is Stan ‘Stanimal’ de Longeaux. I was born in Paris (France) in 1988, but lived in Nigeria for a few years, and grew up in Switzerland.

1st French 🇫🇷 IFBB PRO: Men’s Physique & Classic Physique

I always played sports since I was a kid: tennis, judo, soccer, fencing, swimming and since I lived in Switzerland, of course, skiing and snowboarding.
As a teenager, I discovered my passion for basketball and played in a club for 6 years. I was literally playing ball day and night. Weight training started being part of my accessory training. Sports has always been a big part of my life, and when I was 18, it became harder and harder to keep up with team practice and games due to school and work. This is how I got into weightlifting and bodybuilding and actually started working out at home, in my room.
Whatever I do, I like to do it properly and am a perfectionist. I started to educate myself, read a lot of books and articles online about training and nutrition. Only one year later, I signed up at an actual gym and trained for 8 consequent years until I competed in my first show in Men’s Physique & Fitness Model at the Muscle Mania Paris, October 2013, in France and placed 3rd place in both categories. One month later, I competed at the Muscle Mania Worlds in Las Vegas.
After that, I went for my first NPC show. I won my Men’s Physique ProCard in 2014 at the Arnold Classic in Ohio (USA), competed in several Pro Shows and switched Classic Physique in 2016.
In March 2016, I competed in my last Men’s Physique Show and had my first competition as Classic Physique Competitor only 5 months later at the San Antonio Pro in Texas, August 2016.

Men’s Physique Shows:

Muscle Mania Paris, October 2013 (3th place)
Muscle Mania Worlds Las Vegas, November 2013
Arnold Classic Ohio, February 2014 (Men’s Physique ProCard)

Classic Physique Pro Shows:
San Antonio Texas, August 2016 (7th place)
Pacific USA, September 2016 (2nd place)
Ferrigno Legacy, October 2016 (6th place)
Muscle Contest Fitworld, March 2017 (4th place)
Pacific USA, August 2017 (2nd place)
Ferrigno Legacy, November 2017 (3rd place)
San Marino, November 2017 (1st place)
Mr. Olympia, Las Vegas, September 2018 (13th place)
Asian Grand Prix Korea, September 2018 (1st place) – qualified for the Olympia 2019
Legion Sportfest San Diego, September 2018 (4th place)